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Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Website & viel Spaß beim Herumstöbern!



About Poppikowski

I am an acrylic and mixed media painter from Germany. My work reflects individuals in their broader socio-economic environment with all its boundaries, driven by the necessity to make a daily living. Pursuing a professional career in finance and economics, at the same time my artistic side has been an integral and undeniable part of my personality since I was born.

In an environment often flooded with stimuli, I often find myself in the position of the observer. The rift between the business money machine, which relentlessly shapes all of us, and the people in it with all their feelings, longings and needs, is reflected in the strong fragmentation, the numerous layers, styles and different degrees of abstraction as well as the collage elements and often present banknotes. Simultaneously, these banknotes often represent the pride and beauty of a country showing its historical achievements, once more a contradiction in itself. Despite sometimes unbearably garish hectic, all the individual parts ultimately come together to form a large, cheerful whole, affirming life with all its facets. In the end my works are, despite all grievance and deprivations we face, a testament to the healing, joyful and explorative nature of arts.


At the same time I have been singing since I probably have spoken out the first tone, this has been always my passion and will be – I have been singing in plenty different bands, performing on stage and in studio, from big-band style, jazz, rock, soul, classical music.



  • The Mind’s Eye collective exhibition, Agora Gallery, New York, USA
  • Solo Exhibition, KunstkAFFEe, Cologne, Germany


  • The Holy Art “Best European Artist” collective virtual exhibition
  • Upcoming: collective exhibition at  The Stage Gallery “Bonner Frühlingssalon”, Bonn, Germany (March-April 2024)
  • 1st Prize Artist Awards March at The Fusion Art Gallery, Marbella, Spain
  • Participation in Vision Art Fair Marbella (24th-26th April 2024)
  • Upcoming: participation in Red Dot Miami (December 2024) – virtual representation by AGI Fine Art


2008 – present: Professional career in Finance & Audit including business travels across Europe, United States, Asia, Africa

2015-2019 Professional Education as Singer