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Herzlich willkommen auf meiner Website & viel Spaß beim Herumstöbern!



About Poppikowski

I have been singing since I probably have spoken out the first tone, this has been always my passion and will be – I have a long-standing list of bands and performances in various locations performed. My first singing lessons I finally took at the age of 14 – at that time in Germany a totally unusual hobby. After all of our traditional music was misused by the Nazi regime, Germany became very silent and compared to other countries, singing became rather a rare good. I am very happy to see that this has significantly changed. When being a teenager, it took me one year to be brave enough to ask my parents if they would fund this.  They did! And I never stopped, even did another vocational training for 2 years part time when being already in my professional job in Finance. It felt great being „back to school“ and taking exams.

The same with painting – since I can hold a pen I have been painting as well, so probably a bit after starting to sing 🙂

Besides my job as an Economist in Finance both have always remained an essential part of who I am. It is a task to fit this into one day but it is possible.

On the painting:

In an environment often flooded with stimuli, I often find myself in the position of the highly sensitive observer, a trait still little desired and rather alienating in our society, who thinks a lot about the people in this environment or even in the broader social context.

This rift between the business money machine, which significantly shapes our society, and the people in it with all their feelings, longings and needs is reflected in the strong fragmentation, the numerous layers, styles and different degrees of abstraction as well as the collage elements and often present banknotes.

Despite sometimes unbearably garish hectic, all the individual parts ultimately come together to form a large, cheerful whole, affirming life with all its facets.